Enable Affiliates on Facebook
Ideal for affiliate marketers and networks to distribute product feeds on Facebook by installing the SKUmatic product catalog app. SKUmatic automates installation of apps on affiliates Facebook pages.
Manage Coupon Codes
Manage and assign coupon codes inside to products.

View how BeddingStyle.com display coupon codes in Facebook catalogs using SKUmatic.
Build a Product Catalog on Facebook
Create a Product Catalog on Facebook - Install SKUmatic's app in 1 click for social shopping and sharing.
Install App on Multiple Facebook Pages
Install the product catalog app on thousands of distributors and resellers Facebook pages via SKUmatic's control panel. Increase distribution and control branding on Facebook.
App - Analytics
Measure clicks on 'Friends Advice' buttons, 'Shop Now' buttons and 'Facebook Share' buttons to help measure return on investment of shopping resulting from Facebook. View SKUmatic's Facebook analytics.
QR Codes for Product & Video Demo's
Automatically generate QR Codes for Facebook product catalogs and embed product images and video demonstrations. SKUmatic generates QR Codes and mobile friendly webpages which display in the mobile handset once the QR Code is scanned.
SKUmatic Testimonials

"Webgains works with SKUmatic to enable our advertisers' to harness the power of their Facebook pages. SKUmatic utilise clients' product feeds to populate a fully functioning product catalog within the merchant's own Facebook page."
"It's a simple, elegant solution requiring no client side Facebook integration. SKUmatic helps increase user engagement on Facebook and most importantly monetizes advertiser Facebook traffic on a CPA basis."
Seth Rubin, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Webgains Ltd.
Download Whitepaper
5 Insights in Maximizing Product Catalogs on Facebook
Download the whitepaper and learn how to leverage SKUmatic's product catalog Facebook app so shoppers can ask "Friends Advice" when they view product catalogs. SKUmatic enables product catalogers and ecommerce retailers to manage social shopping on Facebook.
The Problem SKUmatic Solves
SKUmatic solves the problem for merchants looking to enable their affiliate product feed on Facebook. The SKUmatic Facebook application enabling product catalogs in an easy 1 click mode redefines how merchants engage with their customers on Facebook.

Case Study: QR Codes  

Learn how Airport Appliance used Quick Response (QR) Codes across their 18,000 square foot showroom to help time conscious customers watch video demonstrations of Electrolux refrigerators and cooktop appliances from their cell phones.

Download the Airport Appliance QR Code Case Study.

Clients and Partners Product Catalogs on Facebook

  • SKUmatic powers Snowandrock.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers MyChoice.co.uk Facebook Catalog
  • Jewelry.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers iStock Center Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers CellPhoneShop Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers UnderGear.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers Cruiser Customizing Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers SportsMemorabilia.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers Zooplus Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers BobbyJones Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers Clogg.co.uk Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers MisterArt.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers UK Tights Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers SpoiledBrat Facebook CatalogSpoiledBrat
  • SKUmatic powers BeddingStyle.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers CellPhoneShop Facebook CatalogBotanicChoice
  • SKUmatic powers Botanic Choice Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers Green Bride Guide Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers Classic Hostess Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers CellPhoneShop Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers GolfGearDirect.com Facebook Catalog
  • SKUmatic powers Bangzo.com Facebook Catalog
  •  ShareASale
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